Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    1. Making A Job Search Plan

    2. Creating Your Job Selection Criteria

    3. Looking After Your Mental Health

    4. Have A Job Winning Attitude & Mindset

    5. Personal Branding When Job Seeking

    6. Creating A Great LinkedIn Profile

    7. Your Elevator Pitch

    1. Resume Part 1 - Reimagining Your Resume

    2. Resume Part 2 - Structure & Design

    3. Resume Part 3 - Creating A Resume That Sells You

    4. Writing An Impressive Cover Letter

    5. How To Effectively Call A Recruiter About A Job

    6. Creating A Job Board Profile

    7. Online Testing - How To Prepare

    1. Interviewing Part 1 - What You Need To Ask In Advance

    2. Interviewing Part 2 - Perfect Interview Preparation

    3. Interviewing Part 3 - Impressing In The Interview Room

    4. Interviewing Part 4 - Giving Great Answers To Interview Questions

    5. Interviewing Part 5 - Video Interviewing

    6. Interviewing Part 6 - Dealing With Nerves & Anxiety

    1. What To Do After The Interview

    2. Getting Value From Getting Rejected

    3. Salary Negotiation

    4. How To Resign And Stay Friends

    1. Career Change 1

    2. Career Change 2

    3. Career Change 3

About this course

  • 34 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content
  • 16 different coaching experts
  • 25 + templates & worksheets


Lead Coach

James Witcombe

A recruitment expert since 2005, James has placed thousands of job seekers into work, and assisted tens of thousands with their approach. James has spent time coaching individual job seekers and groups both in person and online. He has assisted graduates prepare for their first interview through to CEO's who have been made redundant. He's worked closely with minorities and disadvantaged groups. James created The Candidate Coach to provide digital access to high quality job seekers that can be accessed anywhere, at anytime at an affordable price.

Be Coached By The Best

15 coaches ready to work with you

You'll get the best advice from our coaches because they are the best in their field. Published authors, job coach experts and sort after speakers who are the masters of their craft.

Key Outcomes

You'll be coached and guided by the best in the industry. Each course module is specifically designed to deliver simple, applicable learnings that are easy to apply.

  • Avoid making the common mistakes most candidates do and save your time and sanity

  • Understand what recruiters are really looking for, and communicate in a way that helps you stand out

  • Discover simple tricks that are easy to do that will leap frog your job application to the top of the pile