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    1. Part 1 - Reimagining Your Resume

    2. Part 2 - Resume Structure & Design

    3. Part 3 - Creating A Resume That Sells You

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About this course

  • $89.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 5 downloadable resume & cover letter templates

Tired of your resume always being rejected?

Many job seekers don't really understand how to write a resume that "sells" them. In this course we will show you what recruiters are looking for and how you can get their attention!

  • Hear from a wide range of experienced recruiters what they are want to see in your resume

  • Learn the secrets from The Candidate Coach that will radically transform your resume and cover letter

  • Get access to resume templates and cover letter templates we've designed just for you

Your Resume & Cover Letter Coach

James Witcombe

A recruitment expert since 2005, James has placed thousands of job seekers into work, and assisted tens of thousands improve their approach. James has spent time coaching individual job seekers and groups, both in person and online. He has assisted graduates prepare for their first interview through to CEO’s who have been made redundant. James created The Canddiate Coach to provide digital access to high quality job seekers that can be accessed anywhere, anytime at an affordable price.